Construction works of Melamchi water project prolong

Though it has been announced that Kathmandu dwellers would get drinking water from Melamchi within Baishakh 1, 2073 BS (April 13, 2016), there is slim chance of the Melamchi project meeting its deadline due to delay in construction works.

According to Melamchi Drinking Water Project, out of 20 km of the main canal, only three km canal has been constructed so far.

Besides, six km of sub-canal has been constructed. Only 17 per cent construction works have been completed, to date.

The project added that around 83 per cent construction works is still remaining. The total length of the canal is 26.5 kilometers.

Director at the Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee, Ghanshyam Bhattarai, however, said that they would leave no stone unturned to complete the project within the deadline.
He said, “We are hopeful that the construction works of the canal would be completed on time.”
It would be difficult to complete the construction works of the canal after constructing 40 meters daily, but only 20 meters of the canal is now being constructed daily.

Source: Nepalnews