Constitution within 18 days: BRB

Constitution within 18 days: BRB

UCPN (Maoist) senior leader Baburam Bhattarai has said that the momentum gained in the constitution writing task, following the agreements forged between the major political parties, should not be weighed in terms of benefit or loss to some party.

Addressing a programme here on Saturday, leader Bhattarai said, “Democracy is such a phenomenon where a full consensus is not applicable. Democracy means the consensus on majority basis. It requires adequate agreements.”

Saying that the 16-point deal signed by the major political forces has paved the way for constitution writing , leader Bhattarai mentioned that if the draft of the constitution could be presented at the Constituent Assembly by Sunday, the dissenting factions could also be incorporated in further process of constitution drafting process.

“The promulgation of the constitution has been almost ensured after the 16-point pact. There is no doubt about it,” leader Bhattarai said, “The task of resolving the remaining issues among the political parties and taking the draft of constitution to people for discussions will move ahead.”

Likewise, leader Bhattarai said the constitution will be promulgated by completing all the remaining tasks within 18 days.

Source: eKantipur