Conspiracies being hatched to bring down government: PM Oli

Conspiracies being hatched to bring down government: PM Oli

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has declared that the government would focus on development works on a war-footing providing relief to the earthquake- affected people.

Inaugurating the National Liaison Assembly of the CPN (UML) here on Saturday, he said he was steadfast that nobody would be allowed to create a situation of utter confusion in the country and giving trouble to the people talking false.

Stating that the government is blamed for inaction while those who are blaming themselves are creating problem not allowing making legislation and providing relief to the people, PM Oli vowed that the task of providing relief to the earthquake-affected people will not be stopped under any circumstances.

He argued that the Constitution of Nepal has empowered people of all classes and regions with ample rights and castigated those who said were involved in violence and destruction troubling the general public even now in the name of struggle for securing rights.

The Prime Minister declared that the struggle for rights has ended the moment the constitution was issued from the Constituent Assembly, pointing out hitting the streets and spreading anarchy in the name of struggle for rights even now held no meaning.

PM Oli also declared that the country has moved forward by keeping aside the tendency of preventing the constitution from being promulgated.

“First there was ploy to prevent me from becoming the Prime Minister and now there are conspiracies to bring down the government. I am not worried at all how long the government lasts. It will work in favor of the people for the number of days it lasts and we will initiate the campaign of making the country prosperous,” he added.

Making it clear that he has not become the Prime Minister merely to have his portrait on the line of portraits of the former Prime Ministers in Singha Durbar, the Prime Minister expressed his commitment to work for the people for maximum time. RSS

Source: MyRepublica