‘Classify govt officials getting vehicle facility’

The Finance Committee under the parliament has instructed for classification of the government officials getting vehicles and to provide the details in a phase wise manner depending on priority.

The committee instructed to fix the levels eligible for complete and partial facilities, and to provide a fixed amount every month for fuel, driver, and repair and maintenance of those below the certain level. It has also instructed the government to prepare standards for use of the vehicles provided as facilities. The committee feels that a fixed sum is the best measure to stop the rising abuse of vehicles. It has also instructed to ensure that every one entering government service as officers has driving license.

Former finance minister Surendra Pandey speaking during the discussion before the committee instructed for management of vehicle facilities for government officials said that providing such fixed sum for fuel, driver, and repair and maintenance will not just control negligence of staffers but also save a huge amount of government money. Karobar daily earlier had reported that the facilities to keep a driver and fuel given by the government was unnecessarily expensive, and pointed at the need for a ceiling for such expenses. Lawmaker Keshav Badal pointed that officers in other countries must have driving license and computer skills, and stressed that driving license should now be made mandatory for those joining government service as an officer. Stating that the offices concerned continue to bear expenses for fuel, driver, and repair and maintenance even after the vehicles go missing, he called for steps to stop such abuse of state coffers.

The committee has also suggested the government to form a structure at the central level for procurement, repair and maintenance, use and auction of vehicles for facilities. It has also instructed to immediately take back the vehicles being used by individuals other than the officials meant to get the vehicle facility. It has also instructed to collect all the details about the vehicles illegally being given to individuals and submit by mid-November. The committee has also set deadline of mid-October for collection of details of the vehicles inside the Singha Durbar that have to be auctioned and submission of that to the Singha Durbar Reconstruction Secretariat, and instructed to transfer, repair or auction such vehicles and inform by mid-December. It has also set a deadline of mid-December for collection of details of the old unused vehicles of government offices and public enterprises inside Kathmandu Valley, and of mid-March 2015 for transfer, repair or auction of such vehicles.  The deadline for collection of details of vehicles outside the Valley is mid-February, 2015 and transfer, repair or auction of such vehicles is mid-June.

It has also instructed to initiate the process of amendment of laws allowing repair or auction of vehicles damaged completely in road accidents. The Financial Working  Procedure Act prohibits auctioning of vehicles before 12 years even if the damaged vehicles cannot be again brought into operation.

Source: Karobardaily