Citizenship in mother’s name campaigners arrested

Youths campaigning for introducing a provision to acquire citizenship in mother’s side have been rounded up from New Baneshwor, Kathmandu , during a pressure rally on Wednesday.

Several activists including journalist Anurag Acharya were arrested and forced into a police van while heading towards New Baneshwor. They have been kept at Metropolitan Police Circle in Tinkune.

Youth Network of Civil Society Organizations, comprising young rights activists working with various human rights organisations, has been organising nationwide campaign since Saturday to press the government into introducing a provision wherein children could acquire citizenship from their mother’s side as well.

Though the Interim Constitution, the Citizenship Act of 2006 and a Supreme Court directive of 2011 had allowed citizenship distribution on the basis of citizenship proof of either mother or father, the new citizenship draft bill in 2012 changed the provision, making it mandatory for a citizenship applicant to produce the nationality proof of both the parents.

Source: eKantipur