CIAA gives 10 days to complete Valley road widening drive

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has directed the authorities concerned to complete the remaining work of road widening drive in the capital, including the Naubise-Kathmandu road section within ten days.

But it does not need an expert to conclude that it is a mission impossible as several road networks in the capital are in different stages of construction. 

The CIAA issued the directive summoning officials of the Department of Road, Kathmandu Valley Road Improvement Project (KVRIP), Kathmandu Valley Development Authority, Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL), among others, according to a press release issued by the constitutional watchdog on Sunday. 

If the press release is anything to go by, the CIAA is not entirely unhappy with the ongoing road expansion drive.

It has praised the government officials for speeding up the expansion drive.

While the concerned officials had informed the CIAA during their last meeting that a total of 90km road was to be blacktopped, they reported the CIAA on Sunday that only few stretches were to be completed now, read the CIAA statement. 

However, the ground realities suggest otherwise. 

Around 500-meter road stretch across the Ganga Lal Heart Center is still in the early stage of construction, and with the arrival of the monsoon, it may take several more months to complete.

The road section from Tinkune to Maitighar which is considered the most prioritized road network of this entire expansion drive, also remains incomplete, admit KVRIP officials who are responsible for road construction in the capital. 

Similarly, the blacktopping of Maitighar Mandala-Bhadrakali road section also remains incomplete. Only half of the area has been blacktopped so far while the remaining part of the road stretch is yet being graveled.

Meanwhile KVRIP officials blamed the strike called by crusher entrepreneurs for pushing the work behind the schedule. Chief of the Project Engineer Shyam Kharel said that the construction work should have been completed by mid-April, but was affected due to strike and manpower shortage. 

The zebra crossing and traffic signals too are missing in several roads stretches where the blacktopping has been completed. KVRIP is coordinating with the Department of Road and the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division to complete the work, Kharel claimed.

Source: Republica