Chinese team visiting Nepal to assess post-quake situation

Chinese team visiting Nepal to assess post-quake situation

A joint team of Chinese government headed by Assistant Foreign Minister of Liu Jianchao is arriving in Kathmandu on Thursday for a two-day official visit to Nepal.

According to a press statement issued by Embassy of China in Kathmandu, the high-level Chinese team is visiting Nepal with the purpose of studying post-quake situation and discussing disaster relief and re-construction plan with the government.

The team comprises 11 officials respectively from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commercial, State Administration of Cultural Heritage, China Earthquake Administration and National Population and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China.
Assistant Foreign Minister Liu and his team will pay a courtesy call on Prime Minister Sushil Koirala and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey during the stay in Kathmandu.

China offers 140 million RMB worth relief aid

Since the April 25 massive earthquake and a powerful aftershock on May 12, the Chinese Government has so far provided three batches of relief aid worth 140 million RMB to assist the Nepal government. The first chartered flight of the third aid package from China has arrived in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

Arniko Highway connecting China and Nepal was re-opened on May 17 with the help of Chinese Armed Police. Likewise on May 19, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army handed over 24 Field Mobile Hospitals to Nepal Army to Nepal Army to help them treat more injured people. A team of 17 persons will come to Kathmandu on Thursday to train the army to use these equipment for five days, according to the statement.

Source: Myrepublica