Chinese gold-digging company summoned by authority

Chinese gold-digging company summoned by authority

A Chinese gold-digging company exploring gold at the banks of Bheri River here in Jajarkot district has been summoned by the local authority.

Assistant Chief District Officer Shiva Prasad Sedhai said they sent police and asked the Chinese company to be present at the administrative office with necessary documents.

The Chinese company registered as Dharmashree Mine has been exploring possibility of gold mines at Bherimalika Municipality-4 and Matela for past one month.

A Chinese national Sungping, who is heading the exploration, said that they have already drilled up to 150 feet and are yet to find any trace of gold.

The company claims that they have obtained permission from Department of Mines and Geology for exploration of gold mines.

Meanwhile, locals are suspecting the work due to lack of presence of any government representatives at the sites. A local Karna Jung Shahi said the company has barred entry to public, other than exploration team, from entering the sites.

Source : The Kathmandu Post