Chill cripples lives across country, rainfall likely in Kathmandu

The chill has crippled lives across the country that steeply increased on Saturday due to the influence of the westerly wind.

According to meteorologist Rajaram Dhakal, the rainfall occurred in various places in the country accounts for the westerly that entered Nepal via Arabian Sea, Jammu and Khasmir.

He further informed that a rainfall is expected in the capital city today evening since the wave entering from the west is expanding across the country.

According to him, the westerly will lasts till Tuesday afternoon.

The westerly, as he said, brought brief rains in Birendranagar, Dhangadhi and Nepalgunj today, while the eastern parts of the country will have rains from Sunday evening.

With the change in weather, the country will witness rainfall and subsequent cold. As per the Division, the minimum temperature in the Kathmandu Valley is recorded 4.5 degree centigrade while maximum 15 degree centigrade.

With the declined mercury, the life in the valley has been affected. So, people can be seen warming themselves making fires at different places. RSS

Source: Republica