Children of HIV-infected subjected to mistreatment in Doti

Children of HIV-infected parents are facing discrimination and neglects from society, in Doti district.

Concerned stakeholders have worried that discriminating behaviours toward kids of HIV-infected persons have discouraged them from going to school and engaging in social interactions.

Interestingly, even educated persons and their friends mistreat the kids.

School Inspector at the District Education Office (DEO), Doti, Keshav Gyawali, said it is wrong to discriminate children under any pretext.

Mistreatment on children has psychological impacts on their future, he said.

“Children are not responsible for infection of their parents,” said Lavadev Bhatta, Coordinator of the District Women and Children Service Centre.

Ganga Thapa, a member of the District AIDS Coordination Committee, said many children of HIV-victims are suffering from psychological problems.

“We are infected, but our children are not responsible for that,” said a HIV-infected woman Kamala Malla, “Our children have been mistreated without reason.”

Dipa BK of Khirsain in the district said the society is not paying attention toward rights of children of HIV-infected persons. Herself a child of HIV-infected parent, BK said she is facing discrimination everywhere.

District authorities do not have any record on how many children of HIV victims are living in the district. However, rights activists claim more than 145 orphans are left in the lurch after death of their parents due to the AIDS.

A leader of HIV-affected persons, Katey Nepali, said, “It is the state’s responsibility to take care of our children. But the government has turned deaf ears toward our voices”

Source: THT