Child sacrificed to ‘chase away evil spirits’

Child sacrificed to ‘chase away evil spirits’

Police in Nawalparasi district arrested five persons for murdering a 10-year-old boy in the name of making sacrifice to ‘chase away evil spirits from human body’.

Kodei Harijan, Rujal Harijan, Suryabhan Harijan, Bijay Harijan and shaman Ganga Harijan have been arrested for murdering one Jiwan Kohar, son of Siva Mangal Kohar at Kudiya VDC in the district.

The arrestee, in their statement, have said that they murdered Jiwan to make sacrifice to a evil spirit which had entered the body of Bijay Harijan and ‘demanded human meat’ to leave the body.

SP Nal Prasad Upadhyaya said the victim was playing at his home when the perpetrators lured him by showing a biscuit and a Rs. 50 note and took him under a bridge at Patebari in Nawalparasi. There they slit the throat of the boy and performed a puja with the help of shaman Ganga Harijan.

The body of the body was found under the bridge three days after the incident. Locals have vandalised the house of Kodai Harijan following the murder.

Police said that it would file a murder case against the five.

Source: eKantipur