Cash reward handed over to inter-caste couples

The government has awarded cash prize worth Rs 1,00,000 each to eight couples in Okhaldhunga district for doing inter-caste marriage. The awardees had tied the knot within the last three years and completed all the legal process before applying for the award. 

Before them, a couple had been awarded in this category in the past, according to Chief District Officer Promod Kumar Chaudhari. 

“They had completed all the legal process and were waiting for the award since the last two years. But since the government hadn´t provided us the cash, we were not able to hand it over to them,” Chaudhari said. “Now all inter-caste couples who come to us with legal papers can get the money.”

Caste discrimination of any kind is illegal in the country. However, as people have yet to shake off their belief in high and low castes, the government has been providing incentives since last 5 years to the people who dare to marry across caste lines. 

Meanwhile, an inter-caste couple who got married four years ago is still deprived of the award money. According to the accountant at the DAO Bhishma Rijal, the cash reward for the couple is being processed. He said that 10 couples in the district have been provided with the award so far.

Source: Republica