Car driving license to be made must for govt jobs

Car driving license to be made must for govt jobs

The Finance Committee of the legislature-parliament has directed the government to take a policy decision for making car driving license one of the requirements for government jobs. The move has been aimed at cutting government expenses by reducing the number of drivers on government payroll.

The committee has also directed the government to provide cars only to important persons and provide accumulated transport allowance, which covers fuel, driver and maintenance costs, to others.

The committee took the decision after holding discussions with authorities concerned on mismanagement of government vehicles. The issue came to fore when the Ministry of Urban Development started a clean-up campaign and clear the Singhadurbar premises by auctioning off old and neglected vehicles as preparation for the upcoming SAARC summit.

Dozens of such vehicles can be seen in Singhadurbar premises.

The reform measures are expected to end the malpractice of enjoying vehicle service from the government by influencing higher authorities and ministers. At present, there is no hard and fast rule on who is to get vehicle service. Similarly, there is no uniformity in types of vehicles provided to officials. Even ministers are found abusing authority by using vehicles purchased for different development projects.

Members of the committee also held discussion with Chief Secretary Leela Mani Poudyal and secretaries of concerned ministries on ways to get rid of old vehicles which are an eyesore for visitors at the country´s main administrative center.

The committee has directed all the ministries and public offices to hand over neglected cars, which are to be sold as scrap, to the the Secretariat of Singhadurbar Reconstruction by mid-November. Similarly, the secretariat has been told to complete auction process to get rid of such vehicles by mid December.

Secretaries had told members of the committee that they can sell cars at the price of scrap only if they remain unused for at least 12 years.

Members of the committee also suggested to the government to amend such laws.

Parts of most of the old vehicles parked in Singhadurbar premises have already been stolen.

Source: Republica