Cabbie returns jewelry worth Rs 1.3m, gets Rs 25,000 reward

A taxi driver on Sunday handed in gold jewelry (25 tola) worth Rs 1.3 million to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division after passengers left a bag behind during a ride from Bhrikutimandap to Ranibari.

According to MPTD, taxi driver Chudamani Pradhan had noticed the bag while parking at Kirtipur on Saturday night and decided to turn it in to the traffic police.

DIG Keshav Adhikari said Nisha Shrestha and three others left the jewelry and clothing items behind in the bag but Pradhan returned the bag without opening it. Police were skeptical about finding the missing items but Pradhan came and handed in the bag.

Police opened the bag in the presence of the driver and the bag owner. Shrestha was happy to find the gold jewelry, which belonged to a newly married daughter-in-law in the family, intact.

Shrestha rewarded Pradhan, who has been driving a taxi in Kathmandu Valley for three years, with Rs 20,000. MPTD also rewarded him Rs 5,000. “I feel deep satisfaction in returning the bag and getting a reward,” Pradhan said.

During the current fiscal year, traffic police have returned lost jewelry and other valuables worth Rs 4.5 million to the owners. According to MPTD, out of 84 applicants claiming to have lost articles in taxis and buses, 62 have recovered their belongings, including cash. However, 13 of the vehicles involved have not yet been identified, and nine cases relating to articles missing in taxis and buses are currently in process.

Meanwhile, MPTD informed that 17,870 people including 770 females have been penalized on the basis of CCTV monitoring for violating lane discipline.

Source: Republica