CAAN to waive dues of NAC totalling Rs 211.51 m

Dues of Rs 211.51 million—that the national flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) had to pay to the regulatory body Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN)—is set to be waived with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation preparing to submit a proposal for the waiver to the cabinet within a few days to end the six-year dispute.

CAAN had been repeatedly urging NAC to clear dues, parking fees, landing fees and fines accumulated after 2008 while the latter was claiming that it does not have any dues to clear. “We ourselves have proposed to the ministry to waive the dues that NAC has to clear. We are trying to conclude the issue here as the issue of dues has created unnecessary dispute with NAC and we do not even have proofs for some of our claims,” board member of CAAN Uttar Kafle stated. Different airline companies including NAC have been paying parking, handling, landing and other fees to CAAN.

CAAN had also waived Rs 44.40 million for NAC in 2008 after similar dispute escalated. The dues had accumulated to over Rs 210 million this time as NAC asked for discounts on several issues even though CAAN provides discount if fees are paid early. NAC Spokesperson Saroj Kasaju said CAAN has failed to produce bills and other evidence even though it has been asking NAC to clear dues. “There were small dues on many issues. We have, therefore, proposed for waiver,” he reasoned.

Source: Karobardaily