CA will take its course if no consensus by Feb 12: Nembang

CA will take its course if no consensus by Feb 12: Nembang

Constituent Assembly (CA) Chairman Subas Nembang has said he will take the majority course of constitution making process ahead on the basis of the report of the CA´s questionnaire committee if the political parties fail to settle disputes through consensus.

The CA chairman said that he is still for giving priority to consensus course and the report prepared by the questionnaire committee can be a strong basis for forging consensus among major political forces.

He urged the leaders of the major political forces to reach political agreement before the CA plenary is convened on February 12.

“I urge the political leadership to make maximum use of the remaining days to settle the disputes through understanding and I stress that consensus course is still our priority,” Nembang said while receiving the report of the questionnaire committee at Singha Durbar on Monday. “But if there is no consensus, the CA will be taken ahead based on the provisions of constitution, CA regulations and its established practices.”

He argued that there was no need to hesitate over starting with the CA procedures, which are in line with the Interim Constitution and CA regulations that were formulated in consensus among the major political forces. Similarly, he said, the practices that were established in the CA based on political understanding can be followed.

“The questionnaire committee has laid strong ground for consensus. At the same time, this can also be a basis to begin CA´s own course,” claimed Nembang. “Completion of the task of questionnaire committee has helped the CA to take a concrete and clear direction with regard to the constitution making process.”

He however described the ongoing stalemate as unfortunate as leaders from both the ruling and opposition sides have not even sit for talks for some days. At last, 232 questions prepared The CA´s proposal drafting committee, which was entrusted to convert the constitution-making disputes into questionnaire in an objective format, has prepared a total of 232 questions. Earlier the subcommittee formed under the committee had prepared 242 questions and submitted the report to the committee on Sunday. But the full committee brought down the questions to 232 and the committee chair, Kul Bahadur Gurung, handed the report over to CA Chair Nembang on Monday.

Source: Republica