CA will not go beyond people’s feedback: CA Chairman Nembang

Constituent Assembly (CA) Chairman Subas Nembang has said that the CA would not go beyond the people’s feedback over the preliminary draft of the new constitution.

Receiving a memorandum submitted by the Federation of National Christian Nepal today, CA Chairman said that the CA would take the people’s suggestion on draft constitution seriously.

Stating that the country is a common garden of all castes, languages, religions, cultures and classes, he said the country would move ahead by incorporating aspirations of people of all religions, languages and cultures. The CA Chairman said, “Our constitution should incorporate sentiments of all. There is no doubt about it.”

Chairman Nembang said that the CA Citizen Relations and Public Opinion Committee is to submit a report to him by compiling the people’s suggestions today itself and added that the report would be sent to the CA Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee through the CA.

He further said that the CPDCC would determine bases for amendment on the basis of the feedback.
Federation General Secretary CB Gahatraj said that people of all religions, languages and castes should have the right to celebrate their respective traditions and cultures in a respectful manner. RSS

Source: Nepalnews