CA secretariat receives 8,000 feedback

The entire preparations for feedback collection in Nepal’s Constitution, 2072 were completed, the Constituent Assembly (CA) Secretariat said. The lawmakers and officials have made preparations in all 240 constituencies across the nation.

Assistant Spokesperson at the Secretariat, Sudarshan Kuinkel, said the Chief District Officers of all 75 districts have ensured security provisions to make the public opinions collection job more systematic and decent.

Likewise, the folks have started to pour in their feedback in the draft of the new constitution on their own.

The locals would provide their suggestions directly to the lawmakers and the officials of the Secretariat. However, citizens in many places have complained that they were not getting chance to read the preliminary draft of the constitution.

But, the Secretariat has asked the officials to ensure the draft of the constitution through different means.

The Home Ministry has already sent the lawmakers and officials in the mountainous and hilly districts by helicopters for the public opinions collection.

Similarly, lawmakers and officials have also completed preparations by reaching their destinations even by road vehicles.

According to the Secretariat, a total of 8,000 plus comments were received so far. It is said that 2,500 feedbacks were received via email while 1,600 people phoned in the toll free number of the Secretariat.

Likewise, 250 faxes were collected and 50 suggestions were registered at the Secretariat. The Secretariat also got 3,800 suggestions in its website.

Kuinkel said that nearly a dozen organisations have asked for time for Monday to submit their opinions in the draft of the new constitution. RSS

Source: Nepalnews