CA receives 4,214 inputs on draft constitution, so far

CA receives 4,214 inputs on draft constitution, so far

The Constituent Assembly (CA) secretariat has received altogether 4,214 suggestions on draft constitution from various parts of the country and abroad through different means of communication as of Thursday afternoon.

The CA’s Citizen Relations and Constitution Suggestions Committee informed that it has received encouraging number of feedbacks from public within and outside the country.

“As of now, 1,500 persons have registered their opinions through the toll-free telephone, other 1,560 have sent their views through the CA’s official website and other 1,110 individuals have emailed their suggestions to the CA,” said committee chair Pramila Rana at a press meet at Singhadurbar. Likewise, 28 suggestions were sent through fax and 16 others sent their inputs either through postal service or submitted directly to the secretariat.”

Of the total suggestions, 543 inputs were sent through the website from Nepal citizen currently staying abroad.

The committee said it has so far printed 200,000 copies of draft constitution in book format and other 100,000 copies of the version that describes salient features of new constitution. It also published parts of draft constitution in 250,000 copies of Gorkhapatra daily. Additionally, the draft was published in 5,000 copies of Nepal Gazette.

“In this way, the copies of the draft constitution have been distributed from central to village committee levels in one form or the others,” it said.

Altogether 150 staffers from the CA secretariat have been coordinating the task of feedback collection in all the 240 electoral constituencies across the country since July 10.

Chief district officers, local development officers and VDC and municipality secretaries have been supporting to carry out the task at the local levels.

Meanwhile, CA members are scheduled to visit the electoral constituencies to listen to locals’ opinions in draft constitution starting Friday.

As per the CA secretariat’s plan, public hearings on constitution making are to be conducted on Monday and Tuesday across the country.

Also, Nepal missions in several countries have been coordinating the task of gathering of feedback of Nepali citizens staying in the respective countries.

The feedback to be gathered from across the country and abroad will be categorized, processed and sent to the CA’s Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC).

Then, the data will be forwarded, through the CA full House, to the CA’s Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) that will update the draft constitution based on the public feedback.

Source: MyRepublica