CA members who engaged in vandalism

The Tuesday morning Constituent Assembly meeting unexpectedly turned into a battlefield. UCPN-Maoist-led alliance confronted at the meeting after ruling parties moved ahead with the two-third majority voting process during the meeting for the timely promulgation of the constitution.

Many chairs were damaged, microphones were broken and some people including Marshalls were injured during the clash at the assembly hall.

Myrepublica has tried to introduce those who were involved in the clash.

Umesh Kumar Yadav, a BSc dropout

Yadav is said to be the one who spearheaded the clash. Yadav was elected directly from Sapatari-3 in the last CA election. He was also involved in the decade-long insurgency led by then CPN-Maoist. Yadav had enrolled in Patan Samyukata Campus but dropped out.

He said, “I protested following the CA rules,” and went on to add, “Breaking the chairs was the only way to vent anger.”

Shiva Kumar Mandal, a vote-rigging suspect

Mandal, a UCPN (Maoist) lawmaker, was elected from Morang constituency number 4 in the last CA election. He defeated Nepali Congress leader Gaya Nanda Mandal with just 8 votes. A case of vote rigging was filed against Mandal by Gaya Nanda at the court. Mandal joined the then CPN-Maoists after resigning as a District Committee Member of the CPN-UML.

He is also said to have direct involvement in the decade-long peoples’ war waged by the Maoists. In the year 2057, he was also a Central Committee Member of Madhes National Liberation Front. After the insurgency, Mandal was the district in-charge for Morang and a Central Committee Member of the UCPN (Maoist).

Aman Lal Modi, former Maoist combatant

Modi was elected as a lawmaker through first-past-the-post from Morang. Modi, who started his political career as a Maoist Student Union member, is revolutionary by nature. A resident of Donghraha, Morang, he was previously the Chairman of All Nepal Free Student Union (Revolutionary), Morang.

He rose to become a district member of the party. Modi was arrested while his party was underground and faced 2 years of jail term from the year 2060-62. In the second Constituent Assembly Election, Modi was the party’s Morang district Election Mobilization Committee moderator.

Daljit BK Shreepali, former PLA commander

Shreepali is a UCPN-Maoist lawmaker nominated by the party through first-past-the-post system in the second Constituent Assembly from Rukum. He had gone underground right from the time the insurgency started.

Although he initially joined the political bureau of the party, later he took the responsibility of the combatant bureau during the insurgency. He was an assistant division commander and chairman of the PLA Sports Club.

Ganga Chaudhary, VJ

Chaudhary is the deputy chairman of Tharuhat Tarai Party and was nominated by the party as a lawmaker in the second CA election through first-past-the post system. Chaudhary is the chairman of the Legislative Committee under the CA.

She has been looking after the party’s women wing. Chaudhary, who hails from Kailai district, started her political career as a Nepali Congress cadre. She practiced journalism and politics side-by-side, while she was a NC cadre. She also used to host a program for Nepal1 TV.

Source: Republica