CA endorses 282 articles before second break

CA endorses 282 articles before second break

The clause-wise voting on the revised bill of the new constitution at the Constituent Assembly (CA) hall in New Baneshwar has been put off till 5 pm on Wednesday afternoon.

During today’s sitting, the CA has already passed 282 articles including that related to Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, National Human Rights Commission, Election Commission and National Women Commission among others.
The CA full House had endorsed only three articles on Sunday, 54 on Monday and 176 articles on Tuesday.

Of the total 119 articles endorsed on Tuesday, 56 articles were passed unanimously, while the rest were passed by two-thirds majority. Of them, 23 articles were endorsed with amendments as proposed by the three major political parties.

The provisions on republican system, president and vice-president, parliamentary system, federal and provincial parliaments and the judiciary, among other issues, have been endorsed so far. 

Similarly, RPP-N Chairman Kamal Thapa’s amendment proposal on reinstatement of Nepal as Hindu state has been rejected by two-thirds majority.

The clause-wise voting is expected to come to an end today.

The current amendment bill of the new constitution has 37 parts, 302 article and nine annexes. The CA is set to promulgate new constitution on September 20.

Source: MyRepublica