CA chair hopeful of resumption of constitution drafting

CA chair hopeful of resumption of constitution drafting

Chairman of Constituent Assembly (CA) Subash Chandra Nembang has expressed his confidence that the upcoming CA meeting would pave the way for drafting the new constitution.

Addressing a programme organised by the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( FNCCI) on the occasion of its 49th AGM and Industry Commerce Day 2071 here Saturday, the CA Chair said the constitution would be promulgated at any cost either through a consensus or a majority process.

He urged political parties to sort out contentious issues of the forthcoming constitution on the basis of consensus by April 13. Otherwise, the CA would resume its proceedings as per the regulations and procedures set by political parties themselves. “This time, it is mandatory for the CA to draft the constitution, if it is not possible, the drafting of constitution through the CA is never possible.”

On a different note, Speaker Nembang said he had already requested the government to announce the budget for new fiscal year on time and summon the winter session of the Legislature-Parliament at the earliest, urging business people to mount pressure on the government towards that end.

On the occasion, FNCCI acting President Pashupati Murarka stressed the need of an effort from all sectors for ramping up domestic and foreign investment, promoting entrepreneurship among the people, increasing employment, creating national capital and embarking the country on a path of prosperity.

Lamenting the sporadically occurring state mechanism’s behaviour towards the private sector as causing ‘pain’, Murarka urged the government to tow along the private sector in the national economic stride.

Underlining the problems infesting almost all the sectors of the country due to politicization, the FNCCI acting President urged the entrepreneurs to have trust on professional traits rather than being influenced by political parties.

Likewise, FNCCI Vice President Kishor Kumar Pradhan said the perennial political instability was the cause of lasting trouble for the whole business community and stressed on earliest delivery of the constitution for stability.

The programme was attended by former FNCCI presidents along with industrialists and entrepreneurs from all over the country. RSS

Source: MyRepublica