Bus entrepreneurs in Rautahat launch indefinite strike

Bus Entrepreneurs’ Association in Rautahat has brought transportation to a halt starting Monday.

According to the association, vehicles meant for carrying goods were ferrying passengers without obtaining route permit. As part of their protest, the association has called for a halt of public transportation for an indefinite period.

“If goods-carrier ferry passengers, we are bound to suffer losses. That’s why we had been on protests time and again. But now we have decided to launch an indefinite strike,” said Rama Shankar Giri, chairman of the association. He added that vehicles such as tempo and pick-up vans, among others, were earlier warned not carry passengers and join the protest. “However, they went on providing the service. So to make our demand heard, we have enforced this halt since today,” added Giri.

According to the association, almost two dozen goods carrying vehicles run in the district’s old bazaar areas such as Katahariya, Samanpur, Santapur, Dostiya, Malahi tole, Gangapipra, among others, serving as means of public transport. “They are operating illegally. Bus entrepreneurs are suffering because of their action,” said Manoj Prashad Sah, treasurer of the association. He accused traffic authorities of striking a deal with jeep entrepreneurs.

The association’s Rautahat chapter has 67 buses registered and all of them are operational.

While apologizing to passengers for the inconvenience, Giri has claimed that the association will not take back their infinite shutdown of transportation services unless their demands are met.

Source: Republica