Bungee jumping now in Kaski

High Ground Adventures, a private adventure sports company, has begun offering bungee jumping for adventure sports enthusiasts at Hemja, near Pokhara, in Kaski.

Company employees there are already having fun with this newly available option. The operations manager at High Ground Adventures, Dinesh Maharjan informed that the company will begin to offer bungee jumping to the public from the September 21 this year.

The company has not published the cost of production and the tariff for the new service.

Compared to the bungee jumping at Sindhupalchok, BhoteKoshi, the jump in Kaski falls short by 90 metres. The Last Resort that provides bungee jumping service at BhoteKoshi covers a height of 160 metres. While the service at Kaski falls short in comparison to BhoteKoshi, it still retained a adventurous thrill as the jumper will be able to touch the lake water of Lake Kutreem at the tail end of their jump, Maharjan added.

Source: THT