Buddhist monks pledge support for Charumati Stupa

Visiting world Buddhist monks and scholars have pledged to extend their full support for the reconstruction of quake-hit Charumati Stupa at Chabahil in the capital city.

Visiting the Stupa on Monday, the monks and scholars committed to support for the renovation of the Stupa. They also expressed concerns to the damage caused by the ‘Gorkha Earthquake’ to the historically important heritages.

Chair of World Buddhist Philosophy Youth Ponchai, Buddhist Guru C.A Wan from Singapore and other scholars said that protection of the Charumati Stupa is needed as the religious activities in the Stupa have helped spread Buddhist teachings and messages in different countries.

Vice-chair of the World Buddhist Philosophy Youth and chief of Charumati Stupa Bhikkhu Dhamma said that historical Buddhist stupa and monasteries were damaged by the earthquake and the consequent aftershocks and supports from the international community were expected for their reconstruction. RSS

Source: RisingNepal