British MPs plant trees in Nepal

A group of British parliamentarians who are currently on a visit to Nepal took out some time of their busy schedule to plant trees in Lalitpur district. 

The British MPs led by Sir John Paul Stanley, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) of the British parliament on Nepal, planted trees with their respective names tagged on them at Padalu community forest area of Lubhu village. The British MPs urged the local community to help preserve the trees planted by them and also vowed to come back to see their grown up trees in future. 

Sir Stanley was accompanied by British MPs Jacqueline Doyle-Price, Baroness Lindsay Patricia Northover , Virendra Sharma and Kerry Gillian McCarthy. 

On the occasion, the UK ambassador to Nepal Andrew James Sparkes also planted a tree with his name tagged on it. 

After planting trees and observing efforts by the local community to conserve forests in Lubhu, Sir Stanley said, “We are now able to speak with authenticity in our parliament about the success of Nepal´s reforestation program.” 

Sir Stanley said that they will now speak about Nepal´s reforestation success in the both Houses of the British parliament as his delegation comprises members from both the Houses. “We will now be able to speak with first-hand knowledge,” said he. “There is never any substitute for seeing yourself.” 

The British MPs are in Nepal particularly for a meeting with Nepal´s political leaders and parliamentarians to strengthen the 200-year-old diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Source: Republica