Britain introduces tougher laws for foreign students

Britain introduces tougher laws for foreign students

Foreign students, except students from European Union nations, are to be banned from working in Britain under a fresh crackdown on immigration.

As per the new law ordered by Home Secretary Theresa May, when courses finish the students will have to leave the country before reapplying to return for a job. Earlier students could apply for Tier 2 visas as work permit in Britain.

Official figures, until June last year, show that 121,000 non-EU students entered the UK in the 12 months, but only 51,000 left – a net influx of 70,000. The Britain government has estimated a six per cent rise in the number of foreign students coming to the United Kingdom up to 2020.

The UK government that has been adopting tough immigration policies has taken action against 870 bogus colleges, banning them from taking foreign students .

Britain’s Immigration Minister James Brokenshire, during his interview to dailymail has said the new law was ‘part of our plan to control immigration for the benefit of Britain’.

Likewise, Business Secretary Sajid Javid signalled on Friday that the govermment would stop the education system being abused by immigrants. “We’ve got to break the link and make sure it’s focused on people who want to study and then, once they’ve had their studies and completed that, then they leave,” said secretary Javid.

However, universities in the United Kingdom have warned that any clampdown could damage the sector and Business Secretary’s proposals to eject foreign students after graduation are misguided and would damage the British education system, economy and global influence.

With the rule in effect from next week, Nepali students will also face difficulty pursuing their education in Britain. Raju Thapa, a London-based solicitor remarked that the law will make Britain, an unfavourable academic destination for students.

Bishnu Kharel, a legal advisor at Space International that assists in applying for Tier-2 visas, said that many Nepali students were applying for Tier 2 visas, however with the law in effect the doorway to work in Britain will be closed for them.

Source: eKantipur