Birgunj blockade lifted after four months

The Birgunj blockade has been lifted after four months on Friday.

With the long standing blockaded lifted, cargo trucks have started entering into Nepal. Local traders and United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) have jointly opened border blockade.
UDMF had said it would officially decide to lift the blockade after meeting scheduled for Saturday.

UDMF leaders said they are for lifting the border blockade so as to prevent the rampant smuggling of fuel and other essentials along the Nepal-India border. The leaders, responding to the concerns of Indian leaders in Bihar, acknowledged the illegal trade as a side-effect of the border-centric blockade.

According to Sadbhawana Party Chairperson Mahato, the blockade was aimed at exerting pressure on the government to address the issues of Madhes, but instead people suffered from black market, so they are for lifting the blockade.

Source: MyRepublica