Bird population in wetlands dwindling

The population of birds in the Narayani River and wetlands of Nawalparasi district has gone down significantly, according to ornithologist Dhan Bahadur Chaudhary.

“Human activities are responsible for this,” said Chaudhary.

Of the seven luxury hotels inside the Chitwan National Park, four have moved to the banks of Narayani River. Buffer zones are considered very important for birds. Such places have perfect balance of water sources, forest and weather conditions, making it an ideal habitat for different kinds of birds. Almost 10 percent world´s birds can found in Nepal. Of these, 33 percent are rare and endangered.

Chaudhary, who is also a tourism entrepreneur, said most of the tourists visit the National Park for bird watching. “Most of the tourists visit Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge for bird watching. The dwindling bird population is worrying us.”

He added that birds are vanishing due to haphazard construction of buildings and lack of proper waste management. Though conservation activities are being carried out, the population of birds has significantly gone down, he said

Of the 871 species of birds found in Nepal, 567 are found in the CNP. And of the 567 species, 111 are found in the lowlands of the park area, said Chaudhary. A report says that only 33 kinds of birds have been recorded in the counting this year. “The report is quite disturbing. Migratory birds were not seen. We need proper study to verify it,” Chaudhary said.

Bird counting had been carried out from Amaltari to Bhangralo Sikruli by a team led by ornithologist Chaudhary and from Almatari to Gandak Canal by environmentalist Bhagirath Chaudhary.

Chitwan National Park is known for its biodiversity. Since the last few years, birds like crane, black tern, black ned stork, spot pelican, among others, have not been spotted there.

Source: Republica