Biratnagar declared jaundice prone zone

Biratnagar has been declared a jaundice prone area following a surge in the number of jaundice patients in the past two weeks, in Morang.

A high level committee meeting held at District Administration Office, Morang, today declared Biratnagar a jaundice-hit area as a large number of locals were affected. “All possible measures are to be adopted to bring the disease under control,” said Morang Chief District Officer Ganesh Raj Karki, directing the drinking water corporation and district public health offices to submit the report on water situation in the district, at the earliest.

Doctors have said water might be the major cause. The administration has surmised that contaminated water might be behind the spread of the disease.

As many as four people have died and more than 100 jaundice patients have been admitted in hospitals every day in the last two weeks.

It has been four days that Laxman Gautam of Biratnagar has been admitted at Koshi Zonal Hospital and there are a total of 45 persons in the hospital, whereas 29 patients are undergoing treatment at a private health facility as well in the locality. Pressure of patients has increased, said public Health Office Morang Chief Nawaraj Subba.

The residents of Biratnagar sub-metropolis wards 11 and 13 have been affected along with other wards. Likewise, as many as 12 jailbirds also have been reported ill due to water induced diseases. With the spread of the disease, concerned organisations in the district have gone on high alert. However, Ratna Prasad Rajbansi, acting chief of the drinking water corporation, said there was no ground to say water was the sole reason behind the epidemic.

According to doctors, within four to five days after jaundice attacks people, the patients might be infected with hepatitis and that may result into liver failure, finally leading to death. “If liver doesn’t work, there is slim chance of recovery,” said Dr Kailash Shrestha of Lifeguard Hospital.

Source: THT