Bir to provide MRI service

Bir to provide MRI service

Poor patients at Bir Hospital will no longer have to visit private centers for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test as the hospital will soon provide the service at its own premises. The hospital is establishing the facility for the first time in its history, hospital officials said.

“We are going to install MRI facility soon. It will be for the first time in the hospital’s 126 years history,” Dr Swyam Prakash Pandit, director at the hospital said. He said that every day dozens of patients are compelled to visit private centers for this costly service.

According to Pandit, most of government hospitals do not have the facility. Taking advantage of lack of service at government hospitals, several private centers have been providing the service charging excessive fees. “We will provide the service at a reasonable rate,” added Dr Pandit.

MRI test is a vital medical test, which the doctors often seek for diagnosis and treating certain medical conditions. It is alleged that doctors at Bir Hospital send patients to private centers of their contact for service and take commission from them. “Poor patients will get a huge relief once we established the facility here,” added Dr Pandit.

Director Pandit informed that the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has provided financial assistance for setting up the facility.

Source: Republica