Billions spent but still no constitution

Constituent Assembly is all set to fail to meet its moral and political obligation of drafting the new constitution by January 22, though more than Rs 780 million from the state treasury have been paid to the CA members towards their salaries and other facilities in the last year.

Sixty-seventy million rupees of the tax payers’ money is being spent every month towards salaries and social benefits for 597 CA members representing 31 political parties, including two independent lawmakers. This amount does not include funds provided by the donor agencies to encourage the lawmakers to draft the new constitution.

According to the statistics made available to this daily by the Central Secretariat of the Constituent Assembly and the Office of the Auditor General, the CA paid over Rs 450 million towards the net salary of its members in the last year.

According to CA Secretariat, CA members other than CA chair and vice chair took more than Rs 125 million as house rent and submitted medical bills to claim reimbursement worth Rs 3 million in the last year.

CA members also took more than Rs 88 million under miscellaneous heads from the CA Secretariat, reveal OAG statistics.

CA members were paid more than Rs 130.5 million to meet their communication expenses, Rs 120 million for office running expenses, Rs 9 million for water and more than Rs 8 million as fuel cost in the last year.

After paying the last month’s salaries and perks amounting to Rs 60.5 million, CA Secretariat is left with Rs 650 million.

Apart from their regular salary, CA members get a daily allowance of Rs 200, special monthly allowance of Rs 1,000 and daily transportation allowance of Rs 150. Each CA member draws a handsome amount under 14 heads every month, adds the CA Secretariat. Despite that CA members are yet to clear dues amounting to Rs 100.5 million and they have already crossed the deadline to clear Rs 3.5 million taken as advance.

Apart from the salaries and perks of CA members, Rs 4.84 billion were spent by the Election Commission to conduct the second CA polls on November 19, 2013. Add to that Rs 13.19 billion spent to hold the first CA elections and meet the expenditure towards salaries and allowances of 601 members of the first CA that was dissolved after four years.

Even after spending billions of rupees from the state treasury, all the leaders have done is set new deadlines to promulgate the constitution.

Source: THT