Bhat Bhateni stuff sans expiry date

Bhat Bhateni stuff sans expiry date

The government has directed Bhat Bhateni Supermarket and Departmental Store not to sell cosmetic products of famous multinational company, Proctor and Gamble, and chocolate bars of different brands, as they did not contain clear information for consumers.

Based on complaints, a market monitoring team of the Department of Commerce and Supply Management today inspected P&G’s Olay products and chocolates like Mars, Bounty, Twix, Mars Minis and Snickers being sold in Koteshwor branch of Bhat Bhateni Supermarket. During the inspection, it was found that chocolate bars and Olay’s cosmetic products lacked crucial information for consumers, such as maximum retail price and manufacturing and expiry dates.

Officials who monitored the products said the supermarket was found putting its own price labels on Olay’s variants like Regenerist, Professional, Total Effects and Beauty Fair lotions.

DoCSM Director Pradip Subedi said the store had been instructed not to sell those products for now. “We have also directed it to present purchase bills of those products within seven days so that we can continue with the investigation,” said Subedi. The DoCSM will decide on what action to take against Bhat Bhateni Supermarket after going through the purchase bills. As per the Consumer Protection Act 1998, consumer goods must contain MRP, batch number, production date and expiry date.

MRP is the maximum price a customer has to pay for a product. Similarly, dates of manufacturing and expiry notify customers about shelf life of products and by when they should be used or consumed.

Roshan Pokhrel, a consumer rights activists of the Consumer Forum Nepal, who was also a member of the inspection team, said only P&G products imported from Thailand seemed problematic, as they did not contain crucial consumer information. He added that today’s action against the supermarket will compel traders to put consumers’ interest before everything and follow the provisions mentioned in the Act.

The Consumer Protection Act, among others, requires a producer to compulsorily mention ingredients, quantity and weight, in case of food items and medicines.

Similarly, consumer goods such as electronic goods, hardware and machinery, must contain information on guarantee and the tenure of guarantee.

Source: THT