Betrayed lover takes back cash gifted to girlfriend

Mundane stories about the tragedies of heartbroken lovers will not be told in Khotang anymore. A youth in the district, currently employed in Malaysia, has managed to recover from the pain his girlfriend gave him by marrying another man. 

The means he by which he apparently satisfied himself does not have to do with another love affair. Rather, the boy stood up to his feet, and claimed back all the cash he had earlier sent to his deceiving girlfriend with all the love.

Subodh Rai of Nunthala-8 made his lover return Rs 56,250 in cash, the amount that he had sent at different times in a year from Malaysia.

The girl from Baspani VDC of the district had married another man last month.

“We were in a relationship for past three years,” Rai told THT via phone from Malaysia, “We had promised to spend our lives together. I trusted her by sending her my hard earned money from Malaysia. But she so easily betrayed me.”

Ever since Rai left for Malaysia about a year ago, he had been sending the girl certain amount of money every month.

According to Rai, the lovebirds had planned to marry each other after his return from Malaysia.

Once he was informed about his beloved’s wedding with another man, the furious lover collected all the receipts issued while sending the money. He then scanned those receipts and emailed to Khotang District Police Office, seeking justice in love.

ASI Manoj Kumar Yadav said Rai had sent copies of 14 receipts and asked police to find the girl and make her return the money.

Yadav said the girl sent the cash back to Rai’s family via their mutual friend Rajan Bhattarai yesterday. 

Source: THT