Beni-Jomsom road section resumes

The Beni-Jomsom road section that remained obstructed for the past two months following landslides and rise of water level in Rupse River along the road section resumed today.

Passengers traveling to and from Mustang were hit the hardest due to the landslides that struck different places of the road section including Rupse, Dana and Kavrebhir.
The Myagdi Jeep and Bus Entrepreneurs’ Committee Vice-Chairman, Mohan KC, said that the direct transportation resumed after a temporary bridge was constructed over Rupse River.

Following the road obstruction people were compelled to travel to Mustang by foot via Pahirothapla of Narghyang VDC.

With the direct resumption of the road section, pilgrims to Jomsom would be directly benefited.

Similarly, local produce can be taken to the nearby market due to direct transportation. RSS

Source: MyRepublica