Bajura folks cheer as internet eases communication


Far-western parts of the nation, known for poor communication infrastructures, are increasingly getting access to internet services, a good sign for local denizens there.

Tirtha Devi Singh (70) of Barhabis was so happy when she talked with her grandson Ganesh, who is currently in Japan for study, via Skype.

She exclaimed Skype to be the cheapest medium to talk to her grandson by using its video call option, which allows her to see her grandson’s face while talking.

There has been an increase in the use of phones including the internet in Bajura lately.

Nepal Telecom and Ncell have been providing internet services in the region, which has facilitated long distance communication.

Gagan Chadar (65), a local resident talked about how access to internet services has made her life easier sharing that they had to visit Sanphe of Achham just to use a phone in past. However, now, he could talk to his far-flung relatives using the internet.

Another local Bhuwan said, he has been video-chatting with his son who is in Mumbai.

People of Barhabis, Kuldevmandau, Brahmatola, Jayabageshowri, and Dogadi VDCs are using internet services, Bajura’s Nepal Telecom’s office informed the media.

Laxmiraj Jaisi, a teacher at Bhanudai Secondary School from Kuldevmandau, shared that internet has made access to news easier for him.

Source: THT