#BackOffIndia trends worldwide

#BackOffIndia trends worldwide

Nepalis have taken to social networking sites to vent their anger over India after the southern neighbor pushed series of statements expressing dissatisfaction over promulgation of the new constitution.

At the time when the news was prepared, hashtag #BackOffIndia was in seventh position of worldwide trends in Twitter.

On Monday, India said they have ‘note’ the promulgation of new constitution in Nepal in an apparent dissatisfaction over the promulgation of new constitution through nearly 90 percent votes in the Constituent Assembly (CA).

In a clear indication that India may even stop supply of daily essentials to Nepal, the statement issued by Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Tuesday said Indian freight companies and transporters have voiced complaints about the difficulties they are facing in movement within Nepal and their security concerns due to prevailing unrest.

Source: MyRepublica