AvTurf helipad built in TIA

Evergreen Aviation on Friday demonstrated the use of AvTurf at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu.

The company built a helipad in TIA using 13.26 meters of AvTurf.

Nikolaj P Duckert, technical director of Evergreen Aviation — the distributor of AvTurf, said AvTurf can be used in various areas of airports like islands, service areas, edges of maneuvering areas, fences, ILS areas, shoulders and intersections, signs, lamps and runway markings, runways, fuel stations and helipads, among others. “As the AvTurf is fire proof and needs low maintenance, it is perfect for helipads and runways,” Duckert said. “If certain area is damaged, the area can be cut and replaced.” He further added that AvTurf helps increases life of runways.

The price of AvTurf is 23 euros per square meter. But the price depends on the type of surface where it is to be fixed. According to Duckert, the AVTurf has life of around 25 years.

Suman Pandey, general secretary of Airlines Operators Association of Nepal, said the AvTurf can be very useful for Nepal as pilots have to land choppers in rough areas in the absence of good helipads. “As rough landing damages engine very fast, AvTurf can help in smooth landing,” he added.

Pandey also said AvTurf can be useful for Nepal as our runway has been developing cracks time and again. “This product closes the surface and secures it against erosion, allows clear visual recognition, reduces food and hiding places for birds and wildlife and hence reduces their presence. It also support take off and landings even in muddy areas during rainy season,” he added.

According to officials of Evergreen Aviation, AvTurf has been installed in 45 airports in the United States. US airports have been using AvTurf for the past 15 years. It was introduced in Europe two years ago.

Source: Republica