Avalanche-hit glacial lake bursts in Gorkha

GORKHA: The Birendratal glacial lake at local Samagaon has burst due to an avalanche on Thursday morning. The site is nearly 104 kilometres away from the district headquarters.

A large chunk of snow on the slope of Mt Manaslu fell into the lake with a great force leading to the glacial lake outburst at around 6:15 am today, said Bir Bahadur Lama, a local.

The Samagaon area was covered by vapour after the snow mass fell into the lake with a roaring and splashing sound.

Tourists at the Mt Manaslu base camp are safe, according to the Samagaon Police Post.

Water overflowing from the lake after the avalanche washed away a wooden bridge between Samagaon and Samdo under the Manaslu trekking route, police said.

A police team has left for the area to take stock of the situation there and the details of the damage would be known only after it reports back, said Deputy Superintendent of Police Arjun Chand Thakuri, Chief of Gorkha District Police.

The Birendratal lies at half-an-hour’s walking distance from Samagaon Bazar. The water from the lake flows into the Budhigandaki River.

Source: THT