Areas under Balaju, Lainchaur, Teku sub-stations yet to get power supply

Areas under Balaju, Lainchaur, Teku sub-stations yet to get power supply

People in Balaju, Lainchour and Teku areas have been living in dark since Saturday, as Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has not been able to supply electricity from its substations there.

NEA officials say they started work to resume electricity supply from those substations from Monday itself. They say power supply was cut off as heavy transformers in the substations, weighing up to 150 tons, have shifted from their place due to earthquake, damaging other equipment.
A team of technicians, including 16 technicians from Power Grid Company of India, has been trying to restore power supply from the substations since Monday, according to NEA.

Ram Chandra Pandey, chief of Distribution and Consumer Services at NEA, told Republica that they have already restored power supply to 75 percent of consumers in the Kathmandu Valley. “Power supply through two of these substations will resume soon. But it might take some more days to restore Teku substation which has been heavily damaged,” he added.

Power supply has been disrupted in about a dozen districts including three districts in the Kathmandu Valley. NEA officials say they cannot resume power supply to quake-hit areas without conducting field study, as that would put consumers to great risk.

Electricity wires have been cut off in many areas. Also, many transformers in quake-hit areas are in need of maintenance.

According to NEA officials, power supply has been affected in Kavrepalanchowk, Sindhupalchowk and Dhadhing, Nuwakot, Lamjung, Rasuwa, Dolakha, Nuwakot and Makawanpur. NEA had restored electricity supply to essential services, including Tribhuwan International Airport and hospitals, from Saturday evening itself.

With industries across the country shut down due to earthquake, NEA is generating only around 570 MW out of its total installed capacity of 750 MW. Some powerhouses have suffered damage due to earthquake.

NEA officials say Saturday’s earthquake has badly damaged Arughat Power House. Similarly, Upper Bhotekoshi and Khimti hydropower projects developed by independent power producers have not resume generation yet. Damages suffered by these projects have not been ascertained yet, according to NEA.

Source: Republica