Araniko Highway reopens after 103 days

Araniko Highway reopens after 103 days

The 36-kilometer section of Araniko Highway that connects with China’s Tibet has reopened from Thursday after over 100 days of devastating earthquake of April 25.

Organizing a press meet Embassy of China in Kathmandu said that the two-way road has been opened, but there are still risks of landslide during monsoon in some section of the road.

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Wu Chintai said that the first phase of opening Araniko Highway is completed and other second and third phases of rebuilding roads will be carried later in coordination with the Government of Nepal to make broadway for transportation, trade and tourism between the countries.

Personnel from Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police had worked together with Chinese Army to reopen the road.

Spokesperson of Nepal Army Jagadish Chandra Pokharel informed that the road is now open.

Fu Sing, major general of Chinese Army said that the complicated geography is still vulnerable for falling of rocks in the monsoon and there is also possibility of road blockage.

“But, such probability of landslide is much less than before,” said Sing, adding that the Government of Nepal should closely monitor possible threats in the route and should also keep the machines and rescue team standby.

Officials of the Department of Customs however, say that there are threats in the multiple places and there are no Chinese business people at Khasa for Nepali traders to start exporting and importing immediately.

The trade with the northern neighbor is stalled following the earthquake-induced landslides and fall of boulders blocked the road at multiple sections particularly from Barhabishe to Tatopani.

Source: MyRepublica