APF gets authority to make arrest

APF gets authority to make arrest

Despite objection from rights activists, State Affairs Committee of the Legislature-Parliament and Nepal Police, the Bill Committee of the Cabinet has granted the right to make arrests to the Armed Police Force.

As per the new regulations, APF can arrest suspects by issuing a written notice, carry out investigations and produce the suspects before court by themselves. Earlier, APF largely performed the role of riot police and had to submit the arrestees to Nepal Police.

As proposed by the Home Ministry, the Bill Committee amended the Armed Police Force Regulations of 2015 expanding the role of APF. It has been reported that the ministry tried to make amendments to the regulation secretly by keeping Nepal Police in the dark.

In the wake of the news, experts have predicted power tussles between the two security forces.

As per the Armed Police Force Act of 2001, the government shall operate the armed police to control armed struggle, armed rebellion, separatist activities, terrorist activities and riots in the country, render assistance to the relief of natural calamities or epidemics, look after serious abduction crimes, maintain border security and assist Nepal Army among others.

Source: eKantipur