Antiques recovered from damaged World Heritage Site

Five hundred antiques including idols and coins have been recovered from the wrecks of the Swayambhunath Temple, one of the World Heritage Sites.

The historic items made up of clay, and stone, and the idols and coins of the Malla era were found in the wrecks during the debris management.

Secretary at the Swayambhunanth Management and Conservation Mahasamiti, Mahendra Ratna Buddhacharya, Mahendra Ratna Buddacharya, said the debris in the Heritage Site was cleared after taking permission from the Department of Archaeology. The antiques have been safely stored at the National Museum in the presence of the police persons and locals.
Swayambhunath Temple is the centre of faith for both Hindu and Bouddha people. The recent earthquakes damaged very important structures in the site. The Shantipur, Anantapur, Agnipur temples are pulverized while the base of the Pratappur temple is standing but weakly.

Seventeen houses of local priests were also destroyed by the quakes. RSS

Source: Myrepublica