Anti-drunk driving campaign paying off: Traffic Police

Anti-drunk driving campaign paying off: Traffic Police
The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division today said it has taken action against 1,31,158 drivers so far for driving under the influence of alcohol since the launch of the anti-drunk driving campaign in the Kathmandu Valley on December 3, 2011.The crackdown has not only helped reduce road accidents likely to be caused by drunk driving, but has also led to collection of around Rs 120 million in revenue, said MTPD in-charge DIG Keshav Adhikari.
MTPD has booked 41,152 offenders and collected over Rs 38.72 million in fines so far this fiscal, he added. Traffic police had launched the campaign in the wake of increasing number of road accidents associated with drunk driving in the valley.After the arrest, each offender has to attend an hourlong lecture on harmful effects of drunk driving the next morning and part with a fine of Rs 1,000.The existing law does not say anything about alcohol limit, therefore Nepal Police has adopted a zero tolerance policy against drunk driving.The law enforcement agency claims that road fatalities related to drunk driving have gone down by around 75 per cent, thanks to the campaign.

Traffic police also punch holes on driving licences of offenders for each count of offence. DIG Adhikari said traffic police have punched driving licences of 58,457 individuals since the launch of this practice on December 7,

2012. Many of the drivers, who had the licences punched, are repeat offenders. According to the Motor Vehicle and Transport Management Act-1993, a licence punched at the bottom left corner on the reverse side means the driver has violated rules.A licence having five holes can be referred to the Office of Transport Management for suspension for up to six months under Section 60 of the Act. As many as 28 driving licences have been suspended so far.

Source: THT