And this is the scenario in UAE for renewing MRP !

Quite a frustrating message we got from the UAE – the Nepalese Embassy there is actually making the life of the Nepalese more difficult. Isn’t the object of the Embassy is to make the life easier for Nepalese citizen ?

Here’s the message what we got (name not revealed) :

“I just want to bring to your notice that our embassy here in UAE is a mess n we go thru a lot of hassle to get our passport renewed for MRP . I didn’t know where n whom to say our difficulties hope u guys can help. When your own country embassy disrespects n treats u like a dog just imagine what wld we go thru here in the middle east. The ambassador Mr Jha is the worst among all things no proper place for us to stay in this scorching heat of the middle east to top it all Mr Ambassador Mr Jha speaks madding his surti. Lots of women with their kids as young as 1 month stay the whole day on que with no place to rest . We hope our difficulties are addressed n solved. Hope Direction Kathmandu can help convey our message to the right department. Thank you in advance.”