American national working in Nepal nominated for 2015 CNN Heroes award

American national working in Nepal nominated for 2015 CNN Heroes award

Maggie Doyne, an American national who has been running Kopila Valley Children’s Home in the Surkhet district of Western Nepal, has been nominated among the top 25 for the CNN Heroes 2015 award.

Doyne, who is from New Jersey, USA, is currently raising nearly 50 kids of ages 8 months to 16 years in her charity home. Doyne was inspired to open charity school after witnessing the pathetic condition of the women and children who were suffering, struggling to survive aftermath of the decade-long Maoist’s violence.

Doyne initiated the move to open the school back in 2006 with the $5,000 money sent by her parents in USA.

The construction was accomplished with the help of with the local community in two years.

Doyne had later started the BlinkNow Foundation to support and grow her efforts. The Kopila Valley School which currently educates more than 350 students today was opened in 2010.

The CNN Hero award is awarded every year to those eminent personalities who make outstanding contributions in issues related social, political, human rights, and health matters.

Anuradha Koirala of Maiti Nepal and Pushpa Basnet of Early Childhood Development Center bagged CNN Heroes of 2010 and 2012 editions respectively for their outstanding contributions in the Nepali society through social work.

Source: Myrepublica