Airfares decreased

Airfares decreased

Private sector domestic airline companies have decided to reduce airfares. Passengers can fly on decreased rate from Tuesday (September 20).

Amidst the meeting of the Airline Operators Association, an umbrella organization of Airline companies on Sunday decided to decrease airfares from minimum of Rs 53 to maximum of Rs 193.

”We have decided to reduce the airfares after the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) reduced the fuel prices. Decreased airfares can provide a little bit relief to the passengers”, Member of the association and market manager of Simrik Airlines Prajwal Thapa told Republica online on Sunday.

NOC decided to apply the Air Turbine Fuel (ATF) also called as Aviation fuel by midnight last Friday reducing the rate price from Rs 5 per liter to Rs 94.

They had also decreased the airfares on July 3. The air fares were reduced to minimum of Rs 115 to maximum of Rs 385 then.

Fluctuations in the price of aviation fuel take place when the airliners reduce fares in the title ‘fuel surcharge’.

This alteration is associated within the air tickets. Even though companies call it fuel surcharge, passengers take it as air fares alteration.

According to him, the airfare from Kathmandu to Simara, the nearest aerial destination from the capital, will be Rs 2,597 from Tuesday onwards.

Similarly, the airfare from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi, the farthest aerial destination from the capital, will be Rs 10,412.

The airfare includes an Airport Tax of Rs 200 per ticket.

The airfares for Simara and Dhangadhi, respectively, from Kathmandu will be Rs 2,650 and Rs 10,605 on Monday.

Source: MyRepublica