Air India staff arrested for trafficking Nepal quake victims

Two Air India employees have been arrested in Delhi after the police uncovered a people-smuggling operation that apparently targeted victims of the Nepal earth quake.

According to Agence France-Presse news agency report, two ground staff members working for the Indian national carrier were arrested earlier this month after police at New Delhi’s international airport found seven Nepalese women heading to Dubai who had their travel documents stamped despite not having cleared immigration controls.

A senior police officer at the airport said staff at Air India were suspected of helping Nepalese women promised jobs in wealthy Gulf countries to evade immigration procedures. So far 28 women have been identified, most of whom the police said were from areas of Nepal badly affected by the Great earthquake of April 25 that killed thousands and left many more homeless.

Under questioning, the airline employees admitted that they had been paid $90 (IRs 5580) per person to furnish forged documents for the seven women. In a subsequent raid on a local hotel, police found an additional 21 women who will now be returned to Nepal along with the seven stopped at the airport on 21 July, as per the reports.

The Indian police briefly detained the women and arrested two Air India ground staff.

Source: eKantipur