Agreement on Lipulek needs Nepal’s consent

Nepal Workers and Peasants Party’s student wing on Saturday said there can not be any agreement on Nepali territories of ‘Lipulek’ and ‘Limpiyadhura’ sans Nepal’s consent.

At a public awareness rally organized by Nepal Revolutionary Students’ Association in the capital city, emphasis was laid on resolving the dispute over the two areas through diplomatic dialogues with the unity among the Nepali political parties was essential.

Addressing the programme, Association Chairman Niroj Lawaju said the Nepali government, representing around 25 million Nepali people, should immediately resolve the problem over Lipulek through diplomatic channel.

“It is the duty of all Nepali people to protect their motherland and it will not be appropriate to accuse our neighbours but rather concentrate on the problem,” he said.

On the occasion, Nepal Revolutionary Youth Association Secretary Prakash Thusa among others said the ruling and the opposition parties must not entertain division in relation to the issue of nationality and called on all to unite for the cause. RSS

Source: Nepalnews