Agitating kidney patients warn of self-immolation

Kidney patients, who are staging a relay hunger strike, have warned of self-immolation if the government fails to address their demands. Their strike has entered the 35th day on Monday.

The kidney patients have been staging the relay hunger strike at Shanti Batika, Ratnapark, in Kathmandu since June 10 putting forth seven-point demands including free dialysis and kidney transplantation as well as medicines to the poor.

They had started their relay-strike for four hours at the beginning, which was later increased to eight hours daily. They are now staging 12-hour relay hunger strike since Sunday.

Shyam Khadki and Shyam Khatri, two among the victims, had been participating in the relay-strike died during their protest.

Kadki of Kathmandu district died on June 17 while Khatri of Lalitpur district died on June 30 in course of the strike.

Talking to RSS, Chairman of the National Kidney Victims’ Association Nepal Chintamani Pokhrel warned of resorting to self-immolation in front of the Ministry of Health if the government did not address their demands until August 5.

He said though they were given assurance to address their demands by the Prime Minister, Ministers, the Speaker, Secretaries, and representatives of various political parties and government and non-government organizations, they have failed to keep their promise.

Source: Nepalnews